Style Tips for the do’s & don’ts of wearing sexy stilettos

Okay, these might be no brainers for some of you shoe savvy gals, but once you read these shoe faux pas, you will be able to think of a few less stylish friends who need the advice. I will keep adding more to these as there are plenty of them!

1. A simple but a goodie – Have your toe nails manicured/painted if they are on show. No bare nails – even go for French polish if you aren’t a fan of having coloured nails – anything but not naked nails. And if they are chipped or damaged – redo them. This is one area you can’t afford to be lazy! Nothing worse than looking at a hot pair of shoes with dirty or chipped nails. Go and treat yourself to a manicure – you deserve it :-P

2. Toe overhang – ahhh there is nothing worse than seeing a nice pairs of shoes (or even worse on a bad pair!) and seeing someone’s toes hanging over the front of the shoe. This is a big no no and never ok to try to get away with. Get some insoles that have enough grip on them for your sole to stick to, to avoid this happening. Or it may be too late for that and your shoes may have stretched already from this happening. In that case – it is time to throw them away. The good news though…you get to go shopping to replace them with a new pair! ☺

So these are a few of the “shoe sins” to avoid. Pass on to any friends who can do with a subtle hint. We can’t all be shoe fashionistas :-P More coming soon…

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