How to walk in High Heels

These are my top tips to get you started. With practise, you'll be strutting like a pro in the highest heels!

1. First and foremost is you have to break your shoes in as otherwise they will be sore within ten minutes and you won’t be able to walk properly anyway! Wear them at home to soften them to the shape of your foot. You will then see where your sore spots may be so you can be prepared for them.
2. Start with a smaller heel to learn in and then you can progress to higher ones once you have the knack of it. 
3. Put your shoe grips on so you don’t slip in them, as it is so easy to do on so many unexpected surfaces (carpet & timber floors used to always get me!). Never a good look! 
4. Take small, slow steps, making sure not to bend your knees any more than you normally would. You'll notice that heels tend to shorten your stride a bit. The taller the heel, the shorter the stride ends up being. 
5. Put your heel down first right before your toes (don't plop them down at the same time, and don't put your toes down first). Once your weight is on the balls of your feet, shift your weight forward, as if you're walking on your tip-toes.
6. Step as if you were walking on a straight line and swing your arms as you walk for balance. You need to move your hips so you don’t look too stiff and look more natural. Don’t swing or strut too hard like the model catwalk walk, as you will just look like you are trying too hard!
7. Practise walking at home so you get used to the feel of them. Then practise some more!
As for the skyscraper heels, these can be hard for anyone so just strut your stuff and try and look as confident as possible! The shoes will say it all so don’t worry!
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